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Dennis has been involved in photography for about 40 years, and based in Colorado. In Dennis' quest to try and capture something extra, artist as; Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt and photographers like; Yousef Karsh, John Shaw, Frans Lanting and others, have been a great inspiration to him during his career.

Yousef is quoted as saying, “Within every man and woman a secret is hidden, and as a photographer it is my task to reveal it if I can. The revelation, if it comes at all, will come in a small fraction of a second with an unconscious gesture, a gleam of the eye, a brief lifting of the mask that all humans wear to conceal their innermost selves from the world. In that fleeting interval of opportunity the photographer must act or lose his prize.”

This has been Dennis' challenge, to be able to find that "secret". Not just with people, however, in all subjects that he photographs.

Dennis started looking for a different type of presentation, something that would connect with other feelings that he wanted to express. Due to some chronic medical conditions, Dennis was looking for an outlet that he felt needed to be expressed.  That's when Dennis started exploring paintings.

Dennis experimented with different textures that he would add to his images, however, he was looking for that something extra, something deeper. That is when Dennis started to explore the painting styles of different artists and adding those aspects to his photography. With digital brushes and software, Dennis achieved a presentation in line with his challenge to find that added secret. Dennis has been working on this type of presentation for about three years and would not call it a traditional painting, nor would he claim he is a painter. But, a photographer that paints with light, adding digital brushes to his images creating a different presentation. A presentation that, at times, has a "secret" within it.

When Dennis builds an image, there is usually an underlying story; maybe the story is just in his mind, or deep down in his soul. However, that "secret" is there, and Dennis has made it his goal to capture that extra secret and present it within his images. You may have to look closely, but, it's there, just waiting for someone to discover it.

What photography means to Dennis: "The one thing I have learned about photography, is that it's like music. Photography has no borders, no race. We may not be able to pronounce the names of some photographers from around the world, but we can feel and see each one of them in their images. Like, musicians, photographers are a family of people who tell stories of the world they see. We get to see the world through the soul of each photographer. When you see one of my images, you will see some of myself in each piece of work".

Dennis has won several photography contests and has been published in magazines. Several of his works are in homes of several clients, doctors' offices and corporate establishments.

Photography: 100% art, 100% technical. It takes a photographer to blend them into an image.

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