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A Christmas Past

Christmas passed

A Christmas past

Christmas time is for kids of all ages. The excitement; anticipation, lights, the food, the smells. A whole package of sensations and emotions. And then getting that one gift, the one that tugs at your heart, that's the magic. We cherish that gift, take it with us and imagine all sorts of adventures. We make plans, and over time, the gift shows the love that was shared with it. 

Time is a slow relentless mystery. When time starts, it is hardly noticed, hiding in the background. But, as time moves on, gifts of the past disappears like dragons, the gift fades away. What we thought was important makes way for other importants.  The gifts we may have had in the past, seems more like a dream that we can't remember the details of.

We place it on a shelf of tomorrow, meaning to get to it as soon as time allows. But, the mystery moves on rushing towards the next importance. The cycle continues, and more importance is placed on that shelf of tomorrow, making more room for the importance of another day. Soon, the shelf is full and needs to be cleaned out. The older the importance, the less important it is, and soon makes its way to the realm of later.

Time moves on, steadily increasing the march. Days seem to run short and the things that are important today, will have to wait for tomorrow. As more and more importance gather, we make choices and push lesser importance to the realm of later. As tomorrow is already filled with the things of today.

Soon, the gifts of the past is placed in a new realm, the realm of forgotten. They sit and wait. For someday will come. And when someday does come, the gift can be enjoyed one last time.

January 2018

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