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Alaskan Brown Bear

It's been awhile, but I have been working on a few things that has taken up my time of late. However, I was able to get some work done on my Alaskan Brown Bear project. And, I have narrowed down the images to 15, no easy task.

There are so many images that I could have chosen. This has to be one of my most favorite trips and enlightening experience to date. The bears were not hostile in anyway, and more importantly, neither were we. The bears here don't have a reason to be frightened of humans, and I hope it stays that way.

We didn't get close to them. Approaching wildlife is never a good idea. So, please, the take away here is that getting to close to wildlife is not a good thing. This only happens in places where the bears are protected, which there are not many such places around. We also have a guild that gave us training about being around the bears in this place. The guild is also, with us as we look for the bears. I also have very long lenses, so it may look like we are close, when we are not.

One of the most enlightening of this experience was seeing firsthand the emotions these bears have. Almost human like. In the above image. Mom knows that there is a male bear around. She is looking in the direction of that male. We couldn't see him, even with our long lenses. The concern, the caring surly shows through.

Here, a mom is looking at her cubs. The cubs were just grazing and had most of the attention of the group we were in. Then, I happened to look over, and see mom. Her ears are down, there isn't much sound except for the rain and the cubs moving about. This expression just melted my heart. Mom was happy, content, there is nothing here to hurt her cubs. I even think I see a smile on her face. She stood there for some time, and then went back to grazing, all the while keeping watch over her cubs.

The cubs were just like having kids. There is always one child that lags behind. Doing their own thing. The above cub is no exception. As they were grazing, the cubs had wondered a bit away from mom. Mom called to the cubs to gather around her. The female cub did get closer to mom, and they started walking away. This male cub, is about one to one and a half years old. He heard the call, looked over and then decided to walk around and eat some more grass. Mom continued to call him and he would look up, and move in some other direction. Mom and sister went over a rise, and this little cub could no longer see them. This is when he called out to her. Can't you just hear him saying; Mom! Hey Mom!! He eventually caught up with them.

These brown bears could be mistaken for grizzly bears. Depending where in Alaska you encounter these creatures, they will be either called brown bears or grizzly bears. Brown bears are bigger than grizzles and live in more coastal areas. Grizzles live more in forested areas like Yellowstone. Brown bears are a bit more tolerant, but let your guard down. They are massive and have very large paws and claws. They can run at 30 miles an hour and can climb trees. The above female wasn't too sure if were we too close, or a threat. So she came in to see what we are all about. And yes, I have a long lens and she is looking at me. She wasn’t as close as she appears to be. However, closer than the guild would have liked. So, we decided to move back and gave the bears their space.

This is all I have for now. It’s not all 15 of the image picks. I'm currently printing and getting ready for a show. I don't know when I'll be able to have the show. I have some medical issues to attend to. But, I will let everyone know as soon as I am able. I will also be building my Alaskan Bear Gallery of all 15 images soon. So, keep a look out. Have a great October.

October 2018


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