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Midnight blue

Midnight Blue. The differant version of paintings. You've seen them; Vincent Van Gogh; starry night? In fact, that would be the first entry if you google starry night.  One Christmas I gave the gal's in my life a party at "Painting with a Twist" party as a girls day out. They came home with their versions of what they were to paint. It was a dark blue/black street scene. I call them the midnight blue paintings for a lack of a better term.

Surveys in the US and Europe show that blue is the color most commonly associated with; harmony, faithfulness, confidence, distance, infinity, the imagination, cold, and sometimes with sadness.

For me, in my photography, I tend to use a blue cast of color to suggest cool or cold and early morning pastels. I have taken images of the moon at night, and while sitting there waiting for a cloud to clear or a long exposure, just look up in wonder. Although cold sometimes, up in the mountains at night, it still has a calming effect for me.  But, of late, the absent of details, the muted colors that survive the overpowering of the night ever darken blue sky, a sadness would overtake me. Sometimes, with all the things around me, I still feel alone. As it all fades into the night.

If you ask my family what is my favorite color, they will say yellow, I answer the phone with Yello. Yellow is a primary color as is blue. But, blue has always held a special place for me. sometimes it is a sad thing, I'm blue today, or I listen to the blues now and then. Blue is where; I dream, where my imagination starts, when I come together with myself, where I see God.

I would have to agree with the surveys, where harmony lives, Midnight Blue. 

February 2018

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