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Coming in 2018

Leaf on Snow 1

As you may know from my other blog posts, I have a few different forms of expression. Well, I have been working on a set of prints, digital images if you like. I have been having some issues in my life that were unexpected.

I got into a very depressed mode. I wasn't sure about anything, and things I enjoyed doing, started to fall off to the waste side. At first, I couldn't concentrate on things that I loved to do. But, as time went on, I started to not want to do things I loved to do. I felt as if I didn't care, that others didn't care. In a crowd of people, I was alone. And, I would try to fight those feelings, which made things worse. As it is now, I have some medical conditions that are preventing me from going up into the mountains to hike and take pictures.

I'm am a religious person, and so I prayed for help. And God did provide help, in the form of the skills I learned and developed.  So, using my new found skills,  I have created a set of images as an expression from this time in my life.

And now, I wanted to share that with everyone. These digital images have deep meaning to me, and as hard as I try, I can not recreate them from scratch. So, they are truly a one of a kind image. Coming in 2018, I will be adding images to my Artistic Expression section. They may come slowly, as some of them do have a deep personal meaning to me. Like this one here; Cold, Old and Alone.

The past few years have seen me feeling old, not as spry as I used to be. There was a time, I felt, or thought, I could do anything. But, now, even the simple things I never really noticed is becoming a chore.

Well, isn't that normal? We all get old. Get used to it and move on.

Well, moving on isn't that easy. I was the one that everyone came to for help. The problem solver. It's not that easy to all of a sudden be depended on others, when those others were so depended on me. I came to feel alone as folks said, snap out of it, and move on. Feeling old and not needed, the alone part.

Such is life, and God has shown me that, sometimes it is a good thing to allow others to help me. One such person is my granddaughter, She want to help me feed the dogs. Help me with little things. This year, she and my Grandson, help grandpa hang ornaments on the tree. My son wants to help me make some repairs to the house that has become extremely difficult for me now. And my daughter sat and talked with me, when I became ill. It was a nice time.

And my wife, Cindy, well, that will be for another post. I just wanted to let you know these new works were coming, and I hope they will bring some enjoyment or encouragement. However, there will be some that have a dark side to them. 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous New Year.  

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