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The Ice Tree Project

Ice trees series

The ice tree project has been a long running project. Mostly due in part, that one has to wait for the right conditions to occur. It's just not snow, or sleet. It's really cold temperatures with freezing fog and some snow. So, one has to wait for the right conditions. And run out in it to take pictures. After which, you can get sick, and then you're down for a while. There have been seasons when this condition never occurred. Some seasons, when I got sick before the condition occurred. It's best to say that this will be a very long and ongoing project of wait and see.

When I expect this condition, I place my camera equipment in a cellar that's not heated, so that it can get accustomed to the temperature. I store it in a pelican case, very sturdy and very protective. Otherwise, it will just fog up the camera lenses, and sometimes the electronics if the gear is not acclimated. All a bummer, as you can't just run out at the right time, camera in hand and start shooting pictures.

There is also a special way to shoot this type of condition to achieve the look I was after. This is a very good example of where, as a photographer, you have to envision the end results. You need to understand that capturing what you see in front of the camera, is not what the camera will  capture. And then knowing how to later process the raw files that doesn't follow the rules of proper exposure  to get to the image hiding within that file.

So, you can expect that as time goes on, and I'm able, I will be adding more images to this series. You can see this the ones that I captured and processed from images taken in 2016, here. It looks like for 2017, there will be a good chance of more opportunities to add to my collection.

Stayed tuned!

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