Personal Projects - dennisjsmithphotography

My personal projects. A work in progress. personal projects are, well, projects that I set for myself, so I can expand or explore some differant aspect of my photography. A way to grow, to push myself in new or differant directions. this is a work in progress, as, some projects take some time to complete. I can guarantee that I'm currently working on some project, or several projects at any given time. This page, is where I will showcase the completed projects. But, if you visit my blog, you will be able to follow any inprogress projects. 

Each project below, will show the title and a scrollable strip of the images that you can scroll through for a given project. If you want more information, just click on the title and it will take you to the gallery where there is more information about the project. 

I hope you enjoy this section of my website.

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